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NEUTROLOR, deodorant insoles,
Take care of your steps every day

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NEUTROLOR is a powdered treatment that, unlike the rest, acts on each person depending on the degree to which they sweat. It prevents fungi and bacteria from developing over a prolonged period of time. It cares for your skin and provides comfort and flexibility thanks to its top-of-the range, wear-resistant material.


  1. Sweat passes through the porous fabric of the two-layer material and, after a process of absorption, it passes through to the second layer.
  2. The sweat becomes impregnated with the powdered treatment of plant extracts which eliminates the unpleasant odour, prevents fungi and bacteria from developing and reduces excessive sweating.
  3. This layer allows air and moisture to pass through, ensuring a cool, fresh surface.

In some cases Neutrolor insoles can cause destructuring of the dead cells in the epidermis (stratum corneum), reducing their cohesion, which causes a sloughing effect that, in turn, improves calluses and smoothes the plantar skin.


  1. Do not wash as the product would lose its effectiveness.
  2. Replace the original insole with the NEUTROLOR insole.
  3. Use with socks.

Plantillas. Aire. Sudor. Bacterias.
Patented system,
with plant extract

  • 1 Absorbent fabric protector.
  • 2 Antibacterial treatment.
  • 3 Soft, absorbent comfort layer
    Maximum breathability.

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